How to Improve the Sound Quality of Your Music System

Sound quality of music system depends on several factors. Loudspeakers are obviously one of the key components which affect the sound quality. In fact, almost all of the distortion is caused by loudspeakers. People don’t realize that because speakers typically don’t show distortion rating. However, the fact is that loudspeakers have distortion of close to 5% when driven to their maximum wattage.

cordless outdoor speakers

Audio amplifiers also have distortion but usually a lot less than 5%. In order to improve sound quality, I recommend to purchase loudspeakers which are designed for larger wattage then you actually require. I also recommend the same for audio amplifiers. The reason for this is that both loudspeakers and audio amplifiers show distortion to increase rapidly when getting close to their maximum. By staying well away from the maximum rating, you can stay within a fairly linear area and thus minimize distortion.

Also, when you drive loudspeakers fairly hard, vibrations can occur which can …

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Should You Buy Used Audio Equipment?

Many people hesitate to purchase secondhand equipment. Especially audio products tend to have a connotation of degrading over time. Therefore, people who are looking to purchase high-end audio systems rarely ever consider purchasing a secondhand product. However, let me explain that this might not always be the case. You can actually save a bundle when purchasing a secondhand unit versus buying new equipment.

First of all, a secondhand unit might be a product which has been used by customer or it might be a product which has been refurbished by the manufacturer. Products which have undergone refurbishing usually carry the original manufacturer warranty. Thus audio performance is also guaranteed by the vendor. So unless you are picky about cosmetics, you can purchase a refurbished unit without second thought.

Generally, refurbished products are 30 to 50% cheaper than new units. Given that you have the full warranty, a refurbished product is usually a good deal. Obviously, the packaging …

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Some Ways for Storing Your Music

Music can be stored in a number of different formats. Most likely, you will purchase music from a CD. In that case you don’t need to do anything else unless you plan on streaming your audio. The CDs actually quite good format because it doesn’t use any audio compression which is used in other formats which could degrade the sound quality. However, it’s dynamic range is limited to about 96 dB theoretical. That is because a CD uses a 16-bit conversion. In practice, however, the dynamic range is closer to 90 dB. This takes into account noise and degradation which is caused by converter circuits.

The super-audio CD, on the other hand, uses 24-bit conversion and can in theory achieve a 140 dB dynamic range. However, in practice converters don’t usually exceed 120 dB dynamic range. That means that some portion of the samples will actually go to waste. Also, modern CDs use a higher sampling rate …

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Wireless Surround Sound? How Well Does It Really Work?

Home theater systems have become mainstream. Many manufacturers will bundle complete systems which include not only the television but also the AV receiver as well as the speakers. These kids are usually less expensive compared with purchasing each component individually. However, in some situations you will not be able to run speaker wires especially to the rear speakers. However, there are some options on the market for solving this problem which I will look at in the next few sections.

Wireless speaker kits have been introduced almost 10 years ago. They promise to create wireless surround sound. As an example, Amphony surround sound products have been around for over five years. Other manufacturers include Rocketfish and Logitech. The main purpose of these sets is the same. They transform the rear speakers into wireless speakers. The advantage over using wireless speakers is that these kids can be used with almost any brand of home theater system.

discounted wireless speakers

The transmitter …

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A Comparison between Bluetooth and AirPlay Wireless Speakers

There are a variety of different types of wireless speakers on the market. Many manufacturers imply proprietary wireless protocols. However, there are also some well-established standards. I’m going to take a look at two of these standards and compare performance of these two.

Amphony wireless speakers

In this post, I’m going to focus on to well-established standards for comparison. In particular, I’m going to focus on Bluetooth as well as AirPlay wireless speakers. Bluetooth speakers are probably well known since there are now thousands of different models available. They utilize Bluetooth wireless transmission. This technology enables transmission of data at a limited rate between a portable device or computer and a peripheral device. The transmission is bilateral which means both the transmitter and the receiver send and receive data. The data rate is limited to about 2 Mb per second. However, in real environments under realistic conditions, the effective throughput is more like 1 Mb per second.

loudspeakers which are wireless

Due to …

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How to Improve the Sound Quality of Your Audio Equipment

Sound quality depends on a lot of factors. In this blog post, I’m going to focus on ways for improving the sound quality of your audio system. Obviously, there are specific tweaks which are applicable only for certain types of equipment. Since I cannot cover every possible combination of audio equipment, I’m going to focus on the most common ways. So you will find some common-sense methods for tweaking your audio equipment.

Inadequate connections can result in a significant loss in audio quality. That is often neglected when installing audio equipment are the connecting wires. Surprisingly, this all starts with the power connections. Most pieces of audio gear will have a built-in power supply. This means you don’t have a way of choosing the power cord. However, you can still tweak the only performance by connecting the equipment to a clean power source. A clean power source is a component which is designed to remove any spikes …

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How to Avoid Unexpected Surprises When Purchasing Some Loudspeakers

If you’re in the market for some speakers then I recommend you read on. Just spent a few minutes reading the next few sections and you will be a lot less likely to make mistakes when purchasing you speakers and thus avoid buyer remorse.

It is always good to do proper research. There are a ton of audio magazines available which you might want to read through. If you don’t want to purchase them then visit your local library. They usually have a section which specializes in newspapers and magazines. Just ask your librarian for audio magazines. Chances are they will have quite a few available. Then you want to browse the review section and go to where it says ”loudspeakers”.

There you will find several brands and also model numbers. Don’t be confused by the model numbers because those don’t say too much about the products themselves. However, you also want to check out the price …

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