How to Improve the Sound Quality of Your Music System

Sound quality of music system depends on several factors. Loudspeakers are obviously one of the key components which affect the sound quality. In fact, almost all of the distortion is caused by loudspeakers. People don’t realize that because speakers typically don’t show distortion rating. However, the fact is that loudspeakers have distortion of close to 5% when driven to their maximum wattage.

cordless outdoor speakers

Audio amplifiers also have distortion but usually a lot less than 5%. In order to improve sound quality, I recommend to purchase loudspeakers which are designed for larger wattage then you actually require. I also recommend the same for audio amplifiers. The reason for this is that both loudspeakers and audio amplifiers show distortion to increase rapidly when getting close to their maximum. By staying well away from the maximum rating, you can stay within a fairly linear area and thus minimize distortion.

Also, when you drive loudspeakers fairly hard, vibrations can occur which can …

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