Should You Buy Used Audio Equipment?

Many people hesitate to purchase secondhand equipment. Especially audio products tend to have a connotation of degrading over time. Therefore, people who are looking to purchase high-end audio systems rarely ever consider purchasing a secondhand product. However, let me explain that this might not always be the case. You can actually save a bundle when purchasing a secondhand unit versus buying new equipment.

First of all, a secondhand unit might be a product which has been used by customer or it might be a product which has been refurbished by the manufacturer. Products which have undergone refurbishing usually carry the original manufacturer warranty. Thus audio performance is also guaranteed by the vendor. So unless you are picky about cosmetics, you can purchase a refurbished unit without second thought.

Generally, refurbished products are 30 to 50% cheaper than new units. Given that you have the full warranty, a refurbished product is usually a good deal. Obviously, the packaging …

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