Home theater systems have become mainstream. Many manufacturers will bundle complete systems which include not only the television but also the AV receiver as well as the speakers. These kids are usually less expensive compared with purchasing each component individually. However, in some situations you will not be able to run speaker wires especially to the rear speakers. However, there are some options on the market for solving this problem which I will look at in the next few sections.

Wireless speaker kits have been introduced almost 10 years ago. They promise to create wireless surround sound. As an example, Amphony surround sound products have been around for over five years. Other manufacturers include Rocketfish and Logitech. The main purpose of these sets is the same. They transform the rear speakers into wireless speakers. The advantage over using wireless speakers is that these kids can be used with almost any brand of home theater system.

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The transmitter unit which is included with these kids connects to amplified speaker outputs which is usually not the case with transmitters which are bundled with regular wireless speakers. Also, by using speakers which were bundled with a home theater system, you will have peace of mind that the speakers are well matched to the other speakers in terms of wattage and sound. The wireless speaker kit essentially replaces the speaker cable which runs between the AV receiver and the rear speakers.

Installation of these kits is usually quite easy. You simply connect the transmitter unit with the AV receiver and then connect the rear speakers with the receiver unit. If you purchase a kit which includes a single receiver you will need to run some speaker wire between the receiver and each of the rear speakers. You could also locate the receiver unit next to one of the rear speakers. In that case the distance between the receiver and one of the speakers rather short. However, you will still need to string wire between the receiver and the other is speaker.

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Alternatively, you can opt for a kit which contains two dedicated wireless receivers. In that case the distance between each receiver and each rear speakers minimize. However, keep in mind that the receiver components require a power source nearby. If you don’t have power near each the speaker then you might still want to use a kit that includes a single receiver unit. Stringing speaker cable between the receiver and the secondary speaker is usually less awkward than running speaker cable between the AV receiver and each via speaker.

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