If you’re in the market for some speakers then I recommend you read on. Just spent a few minutes reading the next few sections and you will be a lot less likely to make mistakes when purchasing you speakers and thus avoid buyer remorse.

It is always good to do proper research. There are a ton of audio magazines available which you might want to read through. If you don’t want to purchase them then visit your local library. They usually have a section which specializes in newspapers and magazines. Just ask your librarian for audio magazines. Chances are they will have quite a few available. Then you want to browse the review section and go to where it says ”loudspeakers”.

There you will find several brands and also model numbers. Don’t be confused by the model numbers because those don’t say too much about the products themselves. However, you also want to check out the price column. The prices are that suggested retail price of the manufacturer which may or may not be the current street price. However, you will get somewhat of an indication of what those speakers might actually cost.

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Most importantly, look at the score. The score is usually tabulated from several tests which were conducted during the evaluation of each loudspeaker model. The overall score is the summary and thus would give you somewhat of an indication of the overall performance. However, note that these tests are conducted by different editors and every editor has a preference for different model. Also, keep in mind that some magazines are financed through advertising. Usually, manufacturers which spend a lot of money advertising in a particular magazine will typically receive a higher score than another manufacturer.

It is well worth comparing the score of one particular model amongst different magazines if you can find reviews for those. Another good resource for finding opinions are online shopping sites as well as blogs. On these websites, you will see some customer feedback. Read amongst the feedback and also compare notes between different websites.

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Finally, when choosing a suitable set of loudspeakers, it is imperative that you figure out exactly how you are going to use them. Different applications require different speakers. Outdoor environments, for example, require different speakers than indoor settings. Also, if you don’t want to run wiring then you might want to consider seeing some wireless speakers. Wireless speakers are typically reviewed in different sections than regular speakers. Also, be careful when comparing scores between different types of speakers because the score can vary a lot depending on the type of speaker.

Finally, once you have narrowed down your selection to a few models, try to find somebody who has the speakers and give them a listen. You will have a different preference than other reviewers and thus only you can ultimately decide which model is best for you.

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